Thursday, August 21, 2014

Fake Logs and Camping at Lola Creek

Last Thursday evening we returned to Lola Creek Camp ground for another peaceful and relaxing weekend. I arrived with Raisin, Jay, Paula (a friend of Martins from the Hiking Club) and the tent trailer while Anthony stayed in town to work.  Martin met us at the camp ground and not only saved our favorite spot but he backed in the tent trailer and his help saved me at least 30 minutes of set up time. Being vertically challenged it's hard for me to reach everything and his help was wonderful!   After a three hour drive and almost a full day of work the extra assistance was really a treat.
Anthony gave me such a bad time about bringing preformed logs up to camp.  He would not even put them in the truck.  I had to pack them myself.  He said that Martin would be horrified to see me show up at camp with the fake logs.  Low and behold apparently Martin always travels with a few preformed logs just in case he can't get a fire started (wet conditions, rain etc.).  He buys them on sale off season by the case.
Well, lets just say Mr. Dally will not be giving me a bad time about this again in the future. Thank you Martin for all the help and for starting a great evening fire with your preformed log as the base for us to relax around!

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