Thursday, August 20, 2015

Thank you Ken Spence Your Photographic Talents Are a True Gift

Allow me to introduce you to a a warm, witty, and slightly bashful gentleman named Ken Spence.  Ken hails from Melbourne, Australia and poses by day as a Corporate Tax Attorney.  But his true talents and spark come to life when he is out of the office and behind a camera.  Ken's artistic eye and passion for photography are brought forward with each press of the shutter.

We had the unique pleasure of meeting and spending time with Ken during our August Sea Kayaking trip in Canada.  At first I thought he was just a shutterbug enthusiast as he was not hard to miss during our intake meeting with the guides from ROW the night before our trip.  He was snapping pictures of everyone around the tables and I wondered to myself "Could there possibly be a person on this trip who takes more pictures than I do?"  The answer to that question surfaced very quickly the next day as we discovered that Ken was specifically on the trip to take professional quality photographs of the group and the Sea Kayaking experience as a whole.  Colin (one of our three guides) was actually tasked with taking quick candid pictures with a small digital camera for everyone to enjoy at the end of the trip.  However, Ken took documenting the adventure to a whole new level with his skill behind the camera.  He also has the photographic equipment to put my new cell phone and small camera to shame.  His presence and photographic skills were a true blessing in disguise. 

Although Ken considers himself an armature photographer and hobbyist (he is very humble) his pictures can easily stand up against professional photographers work.  It was interesting because Ken is such a unobtrusive individual that it was easy to not be disturbed by this picture taking and after a day or two you stopped noticing when or if he was capturing images. 

Since our return Ken has most generously shared his pictures with the group and not just the Kayaking company (ROW).  He has given us permission to use them for personal use although they are copyright protected.  The only way we can repay his kindness is in our enjoyment of his artistic eye. We are eagerly looking forward to enlarging several of our favorite images and displaying them in our living room.  I will also be sharing some of his images with mine as I post details about our amazing 6-day trip. 

The pictures in this post are of Ken and a sampling of scenery and wildlife that he shared with us.  As you can see he finds unique angles, captures amazing moments and is not afraid to flex his creative muscles for everyone's enjoyment.  If only Ken could join us on every vacation we take I could put my camera down and allow him to take control of documenting our adventures.

Thank you Ken for your kindness, generosity and friendship.  We loved hearing about your adventures, seeing pictures of your lovely family, playing silly camp fire games with you in the rain and most of all thank you for the gift of your time.

Ken has some beautiful images from other adventures he has taken on his web-site.  As of today he has not added any from the kayaking trip.  It will be interesting to see which are his favorites once he posts.  Many of the black and white images on his web-site are already favorites of mine.  Maybe yours too.

Ken Spence - Photographer:


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