Saturday, April 24, 2010

Up a Cliff and Back Down

Our First Find of the Day
The View from the Mountain Top
First Finder!
Stamping In!
The View Down River
Standing on the Dam Looking Down Stream
The Chocolate Bar - Yummy
Sampling the Sweets
The Best Chocolate Shop in Boise
Bittercreek Ale House
Yen Ching Baked Goods - Delicious!

I started my morning with the Pei's of Adventure and a beautiful stroll at Eagle Island. I rounded back home to drop them off and pick up Lizman for a little letterboxing. Our first adventure was to locate Capperpillars two new boxes. I have been hoping for weeks now to make the trek to find them but every weekend something has gotten in the way. I was bound and determined not to let that happen today. Normally we take the Pei's of Adventure along for our Letterboxing finds but Capperpillar had warned everyone in her clues that this area was very rocky. With their stubby little Pei-ling legs and their low to the ground clearance we figured that they were safer napping at home than us trying to boost them up the side of a mountain. Heck, Raisin is about 80 lbs. that is one heavy pa-tootie to haul up a hill let alone the side of a cliff.

The first box we located was a nice stroll below an area that is popular with rock climbers in Boise. It was a bit windy out and I needed my fleece jacket and baseball cap but the sun was shining and the skies were clear. The carving in true Capperpillar fashion was creative and perfectly detailed. Naturally Lizman had to point out that I need to carve a whole lot smaller. I don't know how she does it but her carvings are always so detailed and amazing (and yes small).
The second box was listed as an Extreme Letterbox. I am the first to admit that I really struggle with heights and loose ground with poor footing. The climb up and back was a little heart pounding for this big chicken. Lizman noted that I climbed up like a dog (on all fours - low to the Earth). And climbed back down like a crab (a lovely image to be sure). When he finally finished laughing at me he did give me a hand on the way down. I do have a very painful left wrist that I am seeing a specialist for on Tuesday (probably looking at a cortisone shot). My wrist did hinder me a little both directions. However, I can't blame it for me being nervous on the mountain as my feet were sliding out from under me.

Fortunately the climb was worth the effort as the box we found was another wonderful carving by Capperpillar and we were really in for a treat as we were the First Finders. I had to laugh with our local vandals in the area because without detailed clues finding these boxes would be completely impossible. There is no way to turn over a million rocks on the side of a cliff.

I was thankful that we returned to the car safe and sound and we even took a stroll over to the river before heading into downtown Boise. I was also extremely thankful that no one saw my slow climb up and back the trail to find the boxes!

We stopped to check on my "Mallard in the Moonlight" box off of Park Center Blvd. and it appears to be missing again. We also stopped to check on "Chocolate Covered Lover" at the Chocolate Bar and he is doing great. How can you go wrong being planted near a Chocolate Shop. Naturally we had to stop in and savor their wonderful and original flavor sensations. By this time we were long overdue for lunch so we walked around the corner to Bittercreek Ale House for lunch. On the way back to the car we noticed that the Yen Ching Bakery at 305 N. 9th Street was open and slipped in to see all the wonderful baked goods that they had on display. The had everything from crispy butter cookies to spicy bacon filled buns and peanut butter swirls. We could not resist bringing home an assortment of unique pastries.

Our last stop on the trail was to see if "Easter Bunny Pei" was still in it's hiding spot and I am happy to report that it is alive and well. It was such a wonderful change to pace to not only find a few of my boxes alive but also to have a few new ones to find. I would love if some of our visiting boxers were to plant on their way traveling thru Boise so we would have more to discover in our own backyard. Although with our local high school vandals clues would need to be guarded. All of the pictures we took today were taken with my new cell phone. Mr. Blackvelvetrav had our digital camera for the day so we had to improvise.

A slightly funny note that I just have to share. If you look closely at Lizman in the pictures you will see that his eyebrows don't look quite right. I came home from work last week and took one look at him and said "Where the heck are your eyebrows?!?" Apparently Lizman was playing Truth or Dare at school and obviously took the dare by hand plucking out 1/2 of each eyebrow. Naturally none of my friends who are raising girls would ever encounter this type of situation. This is one of the many things that sets girls and boys apart. Naturally in silly boy fashion he just shrugged it off while I was having a heart attack over it. All I can say is I hope the grow back in before I try to get pictures of everyone for our family holiday card this year. If they don't grow back in I guess I will need to use his profile or pencil them back in for him. Boys are so weird!

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