Thursday, June 24, 2010

Resolution Review "Squirrel!"

Here I am and it's June 24th. The only list of resolutions I made for 2010 were all pertaining to Letterboxing (a girl must have her priorities). I think it is time for a Letterboxing reality check and a swift kick in the Pa-Tootie as I have a lot of resolutions still pending. I think I might suffer from the "squirrel" syndrome. If you have seen the animated movie "Up!" from Disney and Pixar you know exactly what I am talking about. One minute I am carving and the next minute someone yells "squirrel" and I am totally distracted and heading another direction. It happens with my crafting and letterboxing endeavors all the time. My head swirls with ideas, details and desires but it's hard for me to stay focused because I want to do it all! Time to hunker down and get back on track.

1. I will stop the Boise Letterbox thief from vandalizing any more of my boxes one way or another. I have 150 combined pounds of Shar-Pei brute strength that box with me and we take the safety of our boxes and our friend’s boxes very seriously! Don't let those sweet faces fool you. (Good Progress Has Been Made since Pulling my Clues)

2. I will update all missing and moved boxes on both Atlas Quest and (Fortunately this is not out of control - YET). (Still Working on)

3. Work on re-carving my MIA boxes that are out of state including the ones in Colorado, Indianapolis and Ohio. (Have Not started – Too Many Locally to Work on at the Moment)

4. Renew my premium membership on Atlas Quest before January 26th! (DONE!)

5. Find a super safe way to plant Rising Pheonix’s Pin-Up Box that I have in my possession (I am a little concerned about the vandal taking the stamp though). (Still Not Planted – UGH!)

6. Work on my new LTC’s. The background paper is ready but I need to design them using some new techniques and ideas. Time to kick it up a notch again! (I Have About 1/2 Done – LTC's Improving All The Time)

7. Finish carving the stamp I have started for GreenJello. (Done & Mailed!)

8. Clean up my Blair Witch Backpack. It’s still in the garage from October – at least I hope it’s still there and has not been taken by the Blair Witch again. (Done!)

9. Get the patches sewn on my new LB backpack. (Patches Still Not Sewn on But My Trail Name Has Been Embroidered on the Backpack)

10. Attend at least one LB event out of state in 2010. (Still Pending)

11. Box out of state or at least out of town twice in 2010. (Still Pending)

12. Once I get my hands on more white PZ Kut work on the box ideas that I have spinning around in my head for over a year now. (Still Pending)

13. Decide where to plant the remaining Halloween boxes I created from our event here in Boise. (4 Down – 3 to Go)

14. Show at least one newbie how to letterbox. Play it forward! (Done via e-mail)

15. Count my blessing each time I step out the door with my compass, backpack and Pei’s for our next LB adventure! (Each and Every Day!!!)

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