Monday, December 6, 2010

AQ Secret Santa Strikes Again!

At work again this fine Monday and low and behold another envelope arrives from my AQ Secret Santa. This time the envelope is addressed from Seffner, Florida. Inside are two beautiful handmade logbooks, a card and one of my old Letterboxing information cards. Inside the card they hoped that I could use the handmade logbooks (I could use about 20 more - HA! HA!) and they wished me a Merry Christmas. I may need to start thinking about what is not inside the envelopes vs. what is inside the envelopes to solve the ever building mystery of who my Secret Santa is. This envelope did not contain any recipes and there was nothing metal inside. When I compared the handwriting from the past two mailings received it did not match. I will need to compare this third package to see if it matches either of the others. Also I have received envelopes from three different states. Maybe by process of elimination I can assume my Secret Santa is from one of the three and exclude all the other states.

Then again maybe I need to go back to my logbooks to check out the handwriting of the exchanges I have done over the years. At first glance nothing I have received to date seems to fit any single boxer I know. I don't recognize the style of the logbooks they made and the carving from my first gift does not match the style of anyone I know. The Secret Santa mystery grows by the moment!

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