Friday, April 1, 2011

Letterboxing Mention in the Idaho Statesman

On Thursday morning I received two e-mails from individuals I did not know who said they had read about Letterboxing in the Idaho Statesman and were asking for clues and advice. I was scratching my head since I don't receive the daily paper and I was not able to find the article on-line. I called in reinforcements and Capperpillar could not locate the article either. I then called a friend from church (a fellow Stephen Minister) who I knew received the Statesman and sure enough she located the article that was causing the stir. She mailed the article to me and low and behold the article "Plan to Make the Most of Spring Break" lists suggest # 3 Go Letterboxing. You will note that #1 is Watch A Plant As It Grows. You gotta love that. Obviously the Statesman is unaware that Capperpillar and I need to be looped in before they go and print information about Letterboxing. Just kidding! The reason this raised an eyebrow of mine is because I no longer post my clues for the general public due to the extreme vandalism locally. The good news is that all new boxers who are interested have been forced to e-mail me and I can help loop them in on how to box with care. The bad news is that I have had quite the flurry of activity over the past couple of days and I am struggling to keep everyone straight with requests and confirmed information. It will be interesting to see which new boxers stick with the adventure and which turn out to only be a blip on the screen. More detail to come as we meet and get to know our newbies on the trail. Let's hope that they love and respect Letterboxing as much as we do. If not watch out because the Pei's of Adventure are ready to defend mommy's boxes. Arf! Arf!

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