Saturday, July 9, 2011

Pei of Adventure "The Raisin" Recovering from Surgery

Raisin (our very stoic and alpha) Shar-pei is off the Letterboxing trail for at least the next 8 weeks. She suffered a complete tear of her ACL in her hind left leg. She had surgery on Thursday and is at home recuperating. We are not sure when the actual tear happened but have been treating her off and on with anti-inflammatory medications to see if she only had a small rip or possibly a sprain. Unfortunately she was not so lucky and we were forced to move forward with surgery. Raisin is not overly fond of me icing her leg to keep the swelling down but she will usually tolerate it if I lay or sit next to her and give her ear rubs and neck scratches while she is chilling out.

Raisin has quite a few patches of missing hair including her entire hind leg. She really looks like she has been through quite the ordeal. Today she has laser therapy at the vet's office. They explained that it reduces the healing time. It's amazing what they can do to help our furry family members. Jay (Raisin's little brother) can't wait for her to be back in action as soon as possible. You just can't keep a good Pei down!

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