Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sunset Magazine "IS" Following Me - St. Edwards State Park

I just spent several days with Roots and Shoots Redmond tromping around St. Edward State Park for the NW Harry Potter Party. I am home only a week and low and behold my August 2011 Sunset Magazine arrives in the mail. I sit back with a large iced tea and turn the pages to find that Sunset Magazine has followed me again! This time on page 21 they feature a Northwest Weekend and it's Kenmore, Washington - Day Trip - St. Edwards State Park. I am almost amazed that Roots and Shoots Redmond were not caught in the pictures ourselves. WE were in the exact spots that several of the article pictures were taken. I am going to need to really keep my eyes open for rogue Sunset reporters. I would hate to be caught in the act of Letterboxing by a magazine Muggle but after this article it is conclusive proof that they are following me! By the way if you have not visited Kenmore it is about 15 miles northeast of Seattle. The St. Edwards State Park is amazing and worth the drive.

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