Sunday, September 25, 2011

Letterboxing with My Daughter Sarah

My 13-year old daughter Sarah lives with her Dad in Katy, Texas. She was visiting Boise last week and one of the things on our agenda was for me to take her to find a letterbox while she was in town. I was so thankful that Baqash planted a box while she was here visiting because it gave me an excuse to head out and find it.

Sadly we did have one false start looking for the box. Cobwebs really concealed the box so during our first greenbelt visit we came up empty handed. We asked Baqash for a little tip and she wisely recommended a stick or twig to work around the very thick webs. That helped discovering we were in the right place. Our second visit the next day was much more fruitful as we found the tiny black box buried underneath the webs. I would hate to run into the spider that was so efficient in covering the box so quickly. Sarah said she liked looking for the box and would eventually like to get into letterboxing. I may need to figure out a way to have her travel to an event with me sometime.

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  1. Very cool! She's so cute! I can see the resemblance for sure! :o)


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