Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Tale of Two Christmas Trees

First Tree

Second Tree

This is the first year I have actually purchased two Christmas trees back to back.  My first expedition to the tree lot was an education in tree selection and containing my tree enthusiasm.  With all trees under $30 I picked the most amazing tree I had ever seen.  It was lush and full all the way around.  Not a bare spot in sight.  It was just beautiful.  However, I quickly learned that Mr. Dally was not as thrilled about the tree as I was.  I figured we would put it up in the front living room vs. the family room because of the height and width.  What I was not anticipating was that we could not get it inside any of the doors of the house.  Oh man you have to be kidding!  Finally the tree of my dreams and it is stuck outside.  Anthony wanted to know which local bank was missing the tree from their lobby.  You get the picture...my Christmas tree dreams squashed by tiny door frames.

Two day's later Raisin, Jay and I headed back to the tree lot (this time without the truck).  I figured if it didn't fit on the roof of the Cruiser it was not coming home with us.  We found a tree that would fit in the living room, Jay managed not to lift a leg on any of the trees in the lot and back to the house we drove.

With the first tree Anthony thought it was caught on something inside the bed of the truck when he attempted to take it out.  What he actually discovered removing it was that it was not stuck but was just heavy (like monster tree heavy).  With the second tree he was able to lift it with ease off the roof of the car and set it up without straining any major muscle groups.  Anthony was not appreciating the workout that he got from the first tree.  Maybe there is such a thing as too big when it comes to Christmas trees.  I think we were in the process of reenacting the Christmas tree scene from the movie Christmas Vacation.  Although now thinking about it we could have wrapped it in rope and then released it once it was inside (like they did in the movie).  What is it they say about hindsight? 

And what about my insanely amazing Christmas tree?  The tree of Christmas dreams and holiday mornings?  It just so happens that my friend Aryn and her husband Jason have built a new home with giant door frames and raised ceilings.  They also have an enormous great room (living, dining and kitchen).  My favorite tree of all times is headed there to bring cheer to their family.  And I will be able to visit it in a week or two when I head over to decorate sugar cookies with the kids. 

I am sure the next time I invite Anthony to pick out a Christmas tree with me he will re-think his Scrooge stance and will not miss an opportunity to aide me in the selection of the tree.  I am just sure he is thankful that I have not gone out to look at Christmas lights yet.  Who knows what I will come home with next?!?

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  1. Funny. Though I am surprised the seller didn't wrap it for transport. Glad tree #1 went to a good home.



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