Monday, March 3, 2014

Nightmare Before Christmas - Shock

New Carving

New 2014 Carving vs. Original 2007 Stamped Image

Comparison of Stamped Images (2014 vs. 2007)
I thought I would have time to carve while we were in Florida but that was just silly thinking on my part.  I was busy from sun up to sun down the entire time we were on vacation.  I even squeezed in a little work for the office each day to stay on top of things.  All and all my carving tips and rubber never left my suitcase while we were gone.
One of the carving projects I promised to work on are a few of the characters from Nightmare Before Christmas for Aiphid who is working on a special series. Being one of Jack Skellington's number one fan's how could I not contribute to the cause. 
I selected Oogie Boogies kids (Lock, Shock and Barrel) to carve for the project.  Tonight I share with you little miss Shock.  What I found so interesting is I pulled out one of my old logbooks to see what my prior carving of Shock looked like.  I had carved these images for a mini event I hosted in Boise in 2007. Since 2007 the original boxes were vandalized and I lost almost all of the stamps.  Anyway I felt like my carvings have improved in the past 7 years but I was just not aware of how much of an improvement I have made since my original attempts.  The original Shock has no detail and was actually kind of a mess.  The new Shock although larger has much more depth and detail and even an accessory hidden behind her back.  I am still light years from being a precise carver or a person that is meticulous in their carvings (I am an impatient carver) but my current carvings show that I have made some decent progress in my abilities.  Maybe it's a good thing the old carvings have vanished.  Next up will be Barrel.   

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