Sunday, April 13, 2014

Second Frog Carved and Mailed

Last week I carved the second frog for the event in California.  The two frogs and the Faery on the snail mailed out on Friday.  Thank goodness they only needed the stamps and not logbooks too.  I realized after I mailed them I forgot to stamp them into my logbook.  At least I took some pictures.  I like to gauge how much my carvings have improved over time so I usually stamp them into my logbook so I have a record of my carvings.  I love when I leave the post office knowing that another commitment is off my plate.  I though the frogs would be fun for their pond theme/plants. 
The sweet little duck above is my favorite duck.  I know that sounds silly but she visits our backyard with a few other ducks each year to nab the birdseed that hits the ground from our bird feeders.  She is all washed out like the pigment in her feathers never came in correctly.  This is not a great picture as it was take from inside the house through two glass doors but if you see her in person next to other female ducks she really stands out.  She is my favorite.

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