Sunday, November 23, 2014

New Personal Traveler Carved by FloridaFour

I try not to covet other Letterbox carvers hand carved stamps but on occasion a stamp just captures my eye and it is love at first sight.  I know so many talented carvers that are generous with their talent, knowledge and skills.  Andrea of FloridaFour is one of those.  She was a contributor of Letterbox Trading Cards (LTC's) in a recent tracker exchange called Bloodless Halloween.  We each created 10 LTC's and then sent them to Shark Boy and Lava Girl.  They sorted and mailed back a set of LTC's to each contributor.  In return for our art we receive back 9 cards by other artist.  If you have the time it is a wonderful way to stay inspired and share tips, tricks and ideas with other Letterboxers.

FloridaFour and I exchanged a few e-mail about how much I loved her crow carving.  She was not sure about planting it with such a busy schedule.  I mentioned that I was eyeballing it for a Personal Traveler and then next thing I know it's Christmas in my mailbox.  Not only did she send me the stamp but she included a handmade card (another insanely gorgeous carving on the cover) but two additional LTC's.  One of a Crow that was for a Steampunk Art LTC and the other a self portrait.  All I can say is she is generous and amazing!

The next time my Letterboxing friends see me be sure to ask to stamp my new Personal Traveler.  I don't mess around with silly clues and puzzles.  Just ask and you shall receive! 


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  1. She really is talented! She sent me the gnome card too. I love it so much I hung it up in my cubicle at work so I can enjoy it every day. :)


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