Thursday, November 27, 2014

Turkey Day 5k Walk and Run Boise 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!  This morning Anthony, Raisin, Jay and I drove to downtown Boise to participate in the Turkey Day Boise 5K Walk/Run with the Boise Hiking with Dogs Meet Up Group.  We were really fortunate to have temperatures over 40 degrees and although the sky were cloudy the rain held back for the entire walk.  Miss. Raisin was a bit nasty to a few dogs but Anthony had a tight hold on her when she was not being nice. Sarah Long (from work) also signed up for the walk as she is part of the same hiking group.  We didn't see any other folks from work participating but there were hundreds and hundreds of participants so there is no way to know if there were others there that we knew or not.

After the event we drove over to our neighborhood Starbucks to wish Margaret my favorite Barista a Happy Thanksgiving.  She was stuck working until 2 p.m. so we brought her a little holiday cheer.  I was stunned at how busy all the Starbucks were in town.  We drove by several and they were slammed.  I counted 6 employees working at the one on McMillan and Eagle.  They were all smiles and holiday cheer even thought they were stuck working.  Thank you for the sacrifice to keep us caffeinated! 

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