Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lock & Lock's by A-Bear

Recently in Idaho we have had the most difficult time locating Lock & Lock containers. They seem to be an endangered species. Leave it to A-Bear the "queen of containers" to find us a deal and help us all stay stocked in the perfectly sized Lock & Lock containers. In addition to keeping our shelves very well stocked she also managed to find us the magical 6 oz highly coveted sized containers. She was also willing to part with some of her round 3 oz. containers from her last order (I didn't even need to beg). It's not every day I get my hands on 32 brand new Lock & Lock containers. Gee it might be time to re-organize my crafting closet.

A-Bear worked with Heritage Mint, LTD. directly and was able to purchase our most recent containers in bulk. Instead of the 6 oz containers costing ($2.99 each we paid $1.50 each). We did need to place a $150 bulk order but when you have a group of highly motivated planters it's not hard to spread the expense between a handful of us to reap the benefits.

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