Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sun Valley Weekend One

"An Idaho Spud and a WA Apple Visit Mountain Home" Letterbox

Inside the Patrick Dougherty Creation

Amazing Patrick Dougherty Art

"One in One Hundred" Letterbox

"Cool Sun" Letterbox

Carving, Carving, Carving

Old Time Western Shoot Out

Lizman Fly Fishing

Gambler Man and Lizman Fly Fishing in the back yard

Look how sweet the baby horses are with their mommies!

Wagons from the museum

Dancing Horses

A perfect day for a parade!

Wagon Day's Parade

View of the river and mountains from the hammock in the back yard

The house in Ketchum that we stayed in - simply beautiful!

Late Night Carving

"The Wheel Nabber" Letterbox

Two weekends ago my family and I traveled to Sun Valley/Ketchum, Idaho to spend Labor Day weekend with my parents (who are from Maui). My folks (Ed and Judy) rented a house on the river for two weeks and we were really blessed to be able to visit the area two weekends in a row. This post it about our first weekend's letterboxing adventures. On a side note we were also thrilled to have spectacular weather both weekends and the time with my family was priceless.

The drive to and from Ketchum gave me the perfect opportunity to letterbox both in the area and on the way to and from where we were staying. Although the drive and Sun Valley/Ketchum areas are not densely populated with Letterboxes I have not been up there in about 5 years so I felt like my visit to the area was long overdue. This was also my chance to check on my own box "Froggy In Paradise" Letterbox.

Lizman and I made our way to Ketchum on Friday and my first order of business was to stop at Rattle Snake Station (Historical Marker) to locate A-Bears "The Wheel Nabber" Letterbox. The box was in great condition and has had lots and lots of visitors over the years.

It was fun to have a "find" under our belts for the drive. I did make a quick stop at "Goodales Flat Tire" to confirm that it was MIA before we continued the remainder of our drive.

Once we arrived in Ketchum we were in awe of the house that we stayed in. It was right on the river and was amazing. Mr. Blackvelvetrav and Gambler Man came up the next day to join us. It was fantastic to spend time with family, enjoy the Wagon Day's festivities including a Gun Shoot Out and non-motorized Parade. The men of the household also enjoyed a lot of time fly fishing and the boys even rented dirt bikes and rode down Bald Mountain. Lizman reports after two falls that this adventure is not for the faint of heart.

We were back on the Letterboxing trail on Sunday. Mr. Blackvelvetrav and I left the Sun Valley Inn after a delicious lunch with my parents to locate CW Sunseekers "Cool Sun" Letterbox. It was a bit breezy out but we had fun finding the box and it was in perfect condition. We drove by the house and picked up my mom and Gambler Man and the four of us went in search of Don and Gwen's "Catch Me in Ketchum" Letterbox but came up empty handed. I am still not sure if it is our lack of skill or that the box is honestly MIA that prevented us from finding it. The next box on our list was WDA's "One in One Hundred" Letterbox. I am pleased to report that it is in good condition. In fact we even hid it better than we found it so it should stay safe and dry. Fortunately our slight movement of the box will not alter the clues.

I spent quite a few evenings in Ketchum carving at the dining room table after dinner while family members played card and board games. It is not often that I have uninterrupted time to myself to just sit and carve and I took every opportunity to put blade to rubber. I was thrilled to complete three carvings for our upcoming event in October, one very small carving to plant in Star, Idaho and even finished another series of three I am hoping to craft with a little (even more than LTC's) before I box them up to hide. I was tickled pink at my carving time while we were there.

Before driving home on Monday I was able to check my AQ account on my cell phone and I noticed that a new box had been listed for Mountain Home. This was perfect timing because Lizman and I were able to stop in Mountain Home to be the First Finders of the "An Idaho Spud and a WA Apple Visit Mountain Home" Letterbox. We have so many great boxers in the Boise area now that being a First Finder involves night boxing and the willingness to drop everything to get there first. It was only by a stroke of luck that we were in the right place at the right time on Monday. Sweet!

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