Friday, August 17, 2012

Beautiful LTCs by Rydes with Eagles

One of the fun aspects of attending an event is the opportunity to trade Letterbox Trading Cards (LTC's)with other artists.  Although my stash was a little skimpy my Letterboxing friends were so generous in allowing me to pilfer their cards.  I will need to balance the scales in the future but it is such a treat for them to share their art with me.  I know that many LTC artists trade cards they have received but I never let a single one out of my grip once it has been given to me.  I treasure every single card I receive.

With the permission of Rydes with Eagles (an Idaho Letterboxer) I am posting four of my favorite cards that she shared with me this past weekend.  Like me Rydes with Eagles likes to add dept to her cards with double sided mounting tape.  I love how her images almost jump off the card stock.  My very favorite card is her Iditarod (Born to Run) card at the top. Although I am only sharing one side of the card it is an amazing three fold card with a tiny embossed Husky on the other side that slips into a slit to hold the card closed.  She has not missed a single detail with her colors, the design and the amazing action of the happy pup inside who was born to run.  And even more amazing is that she often makes 20 - 50 of each LTC design.  I think it's torture to make 10 - 12 of one design so I give her a serious round of applause not only for the amazing cards she creates but the stamina to make so many of each design.

I also need to mention that The Philosopher's Stone LTC above (woman with the spool of thread) is rumored to have thread that changes color in the sunlight.  Guess who will be standing in the back yard tomorrow to check out her amazing creativity.  Thank you Rydes with Eagles!  

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